Woodsfield Savings Bank will sometimes request certain personal identifying information such as your account number, social security number or driver’s license when you call us or stop in to one of our offices. We do this to verify and protect your identity. We also might contact you for personal or financial information if you are opening an account or applying for a loan with us, or if we need to verify an unusual transaction on your account.

We will never independently call or e-mail you to ask you for your account numbers, your ATM or debit card PIN, or other information. Some scammers try to obtain personal information by “phishing”: using fraudulent e-mail messages that appear to come from a financial institution or other legitimate business. The messages look and sound authentic, and often state that the recipient’s immediate attention is required. They provide a link to click on to verify account information, activate debit or credit cards, or complete a survey. Do not click on any links in these e-mails, or respond with any confidential information.

If you ever question the legitimacy of a telephone or e-mail request for your personal or financial information by a person claiming to represent Woodsfield Savings Bank, do not give out the information. Contact us at 740-472-1641 to verify whether the call came from a bank representative.

If you do give out your account information, contact us as soon as possible so that we can close your account and open a new one. If you have given out your credit card information, contact the card issuer and ask that the card be closed and a new one issued with a different card number.