Our Telephone Banking System

We are pleased to introduce our Telephone Banking System. This will enhance your Telephone banking experience by providing a user friendly system. See below for FAQs and an outline of our system. Call our toll free number (888) 621-2297

* Your Initial PIN Number will be the last four digits of your social security number. The system will prompt you to change your PIN code the first time you use it.
* The account number to enter on the system is the last eight numbers of your account number such as 1500XXXX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the number for Telephone Banking?

A: Our Toll Free Number is (888) 621-2297

Q: Will my PIN Number Change?

A: No, We have made every attempt to streamline this migration and we have been able to maintain your current PIN

Q: Does the Telephone Number Change?

A: No, we will be maintaining our current phone number

Q: When I call in, why does it make me select the account I tried to access again?

A: To help streamline the Telephone Banking experience, your account number and PIN work like a user id and password and provide you with access to all your accounts not just the one you entered. From this point forward all that is necessary is to select your account from those presented.

Q: How do I change my PIN

A: You will have an option from the main menu to change your PIN.

Q: Can I request less/more accounts on Telephone Banking?

A: Yes, please contact your Financial Institution during normal business hours and we will be happy to help you.

Q: Why don't I have access to all the menus?

We may not have turned on all the functions either because we don't offer the type of service or we would rather offer those services to you through our physical location.

Outline of Our System

1. Access your Account
  1. Inquire on an account
   1. Deposit Account
   2. Certificate Account
   3. Loan Account
   0. Transfer to CSR
  2. Perform a Transaction
   1. Account Transfer
   2. Loan Payment
  3. Change PIN code
  0. Transfer to CSR
  *. Return to the Previous Menu
2. Office Hours and Locations
3. Current Rate Information
4. Report a Lost or Stolen Card
0. Transfer to CSR
*. Exit System