Consumer Lending is a broad term that encompasses many different products that are suited for you! Woodsfield Savings Bank prides ourselves on our customer service and our ability to give you fast decisions, sometimes within the same day. This gives you the peace of mind that your loan is taken care of by people who know what they are doing!

Secured Loans
Woodsfield Savings Bank offers finances on almost all types of collateral. We consider these types of loans ‘Secured’ Loans and can consist of collateral types like Cars, Trailers, Boats, ATV/UTV’s, Tractors, Farm Equipment and so much more. Email us for more information on Secured loans, or contact one of our knowledgeable Loan Officers today!

Passbook Loans
We also offer another type of Secured loan called a ‘Passbook’ Loan. This is a term used to describe a loan that uses your own Savings or Certificate of Deposit at Woodsfield Savings Bank as collateral to secure your loan. The advantages to this type of loan is that the interest rates are significantly lower than traditional Secured loans and you do not have to deplete your savings in order to complete your plans! Contact us for more information on Passbook loans today!

Personal Loans
Finally, we also offer ‘Personal Loans’. These are loan types that usually do not have any collateral, meaning they are of the ‘Unsecured’ Type, no collateral to secure your loan. We offer different varieties of these loans and use underwriting guidelines to see how much you would qualify for! Ask us today, how we can help you with your personal goals with a Personal Loan.