As a Woodsfield Savings Bank member you have access to our ATM / Debit card service 24/7, allowing you to experience the benefits of an ATM card, a credit card, and a check – all with a single card.

The Woodsfield Savings debit card is a more versatile alternative to an ATM card.,giving you purchasing power not available with a simple ATM card. Your ATM / Debit card also allows you to make cash withdrawals at an ATM, working like a credit card but with no interest accrued on purchases.

The money you spend with the Woodsfield Savings ATM / Debit card is automatically deducted from your checking account at the time of the purchase meaning there is no outstanding balance to carry forward each month and no interest charges accruing on a balance. Contact a bank representative to apply today!


No check to write, no check approval process with each purchase and sharing a checkbook is no longer necessary. Your card provides increased security with no monthly payment or interest. And a detailed monthly statement.